What’s With All These Video Display Boards?

Video Display Boards

Video display boards can be used to create an engaging and interesting waiting space.

First impressions can truly mean the world. If you’re working with a lobby space, it’s all about impressing everyone who passes through instantly. Good lobby design is built around being easily-navigable and informative. If you’re looking for a way to make your lobby stand out more, digital signage through the use of video display boards may be the best way to create an engaging lobby. This technology can be used to create engaging content on screens throughout your lobby space, but who is it ideal for and why is it so effective?   

Who Benefits from Video Display Boards?

There are a number of industries and potential beneficiaries of digital signage. Businesses like hotels, banks, and gyms have long used video display boards to inform their customers of what services are offered. For example, a hotel may use a video display board to inform their patrons of nearby attractions, whereas a gym could use it to highlight upcoming classes.  More recently, Schools, medical offices, and business offices can also utilize digital signage to let everyone know of certain events or to simply as a tool to welcome people into the building.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Signage?

Digital lobby signage has as many uses as you can get creative with. It’s reflexive and easily updatable, so you can change information on the fly in the case of pressing information that needs to be disseminated. They’re also great for offering a modern, live feel to your lobby. Typically, lobbies are seen as a static “waiting zone” that doesn’t offer much of an experience whatsoever. Lobby screens can be adaptable, interactive, and provide a lot of much needed information while your patrons are waiting.  It’s not only professional, it’s informative!

How Does One Start With Lobby Signs?

To get started, you really only need a few things. The first would be the displays themselves, large TV screens that are capable of displaying whatever information you need. You’ll also need a digital signage player which can be used to power the digital signage content. Lastly, you’ll need lobby display software to help make management easy. If you’re unsure of where to start, contact the experts like us here at FiberPlus.

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