Planning for an Integrated Audio/Video System, Part 1

Why Should your Company consider an Integrated Audio/Video System?

audio/video system

Consider what an audio/video system can do for your office.

Deciding on an integrated audio/video system is an important decision for a company, and any decision needs to be focused on the needs of each customer. The solution developed should enhance corporate performance with a planned, strategic approach to audio/video communications across your entire enterprise. The system could include any of the following solutions:

Company-wide video and integrated video conferencing

A/V control systems and touch panels

Lighting controls systems

Digital lecture recording systems

Computer presentation technologies

Overhead paging systems

Digital satellite or Internet radio

Audio and sound reinforcement system

The benefits of adding an integrated audio/video system to your office will provide these added benefits:

  • High visual representation for your organization on all sites
  • Control your audio/video and push content when and where you need it
  • Reliable storage solution that can backup audio/video data safely and securely
  • Reduced travel costs

Planning an integrated audio/video system installation should include the following phases:

Needs Analysis and Design

  • Needs analysis to help identify functional and technical requirements for the system to be installed. This stage would include the design and scope of work documents to ensure the identified requirements are reflected in the final solution.


  • This where you develop a detailed system and facility analysis. The critical milestones, scheduling, system requirements, and client expectations are re-addressed at this phase. This stage should be where any final revisions are incorporated and communicated with the client.

Staging and Fabrication

  • This phase will include the ordering of equipment, fabrication and wiring, programming, and system pre-testing to assure the equipment is in proper working order.


  • Site installation is performed by a team of experienced and certified Project Managers and installation technicians, as required.

Support and Training

  • After installation, the system is thoroughly tested with the client and the client is then fully trained on the system. The system will only be effective if it meets the customer expectations and requirements.

Summary of What to Consider before You Install an Integrated Audio/Video System

Planning is essential for a successful A/V system installation to meet a client’s requirements and expectations. Spend the time to consider not what you need now but where the system’s requirements may be in the future. Plan for growth because if you don’t, it could be a costly mistake.

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