How Are Distributed Antenna Systems Utilized?

Distributed Antenna Systems

Distributed antenna systems can cut costs while improving reliability.

Distributed antenna systems, sometimes called DAS, are networks comprised of spatially separated antenna nodes. These nodes are connected to a common source that provides wireless service to an area. Essentially, this has an advantage over single antenna systems in that it provides the same amount of coverage but with reduced total power usage and improved reliability. Distributed antenna systems offer a unique but powerful technology that has a multitude of applications, but how are these systems used today?

Wireless Coverage

Whether you’re managing a business or a school, there’s a constant need for reliable communication. That often requires a stable and dependable wireless connection to help you manage customers, students, assets, or whatever your needs may be. Distributed antenna systems can be used to customize a wireless solution to fit your specific needs. Perhaps you’ve gotten spotty coverage in the past and doubt that a DAS can help improve the situation–worry not, as distributed antenna systems can ensure quality wireless services no matter what the conditions are.

Use in WiFi

Some commercial bodies use distributed antenna systems to give their building WiFi. Why go this route instead of the traditional router path? Distributed antenna systems can be more reliable and require less maintenance. They can also be perfect for getting WiFi into hard to reach areas. For example, the New York City subway uses distributed antenna systems to provide WiFi and cellular voice and data coverage underground, so patrons can still use their phones despite being underground.

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