School Security Trends to Watch Out For


These trending school security strategies can have massive benefits for students, parents, and faculty.

As we experience more and more tragedies like school shootings and feel continually bereft of safety, we’re left wondering what more we can do. While it’s easy to let yourself feel hopeless about school safety and ascribe to a “tragedies are always bound to happen” philosophy, it’s a thankful fact that security in schools has been evolving rapidly over the past few years. School security trends have addressed not just disasters of violence, but also much more minor incidents as well. A comprehensive school safety program will cover all of the bases. If you’re unsure of how to approach security in your school, read on to find out trends that are becoming the norm for school security.

Thorough Planning & Training

Training for crisis management has always been a part of every educator’s repertoire, but lately, there has been an increased focus on thorough and comprehensive training. In the wake of the December 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy worked with a 16-member panel to create a 277-page report concerning school security. Within this report, the panel recommended schools create safety committees that would be far reaching and include custodians, administrators, first responders, and police. Instead of school administrators operating relatively independently of crisis professionals like police, when they train together, they are better equipped to respond to a potential crisis.

Access Control Restriction

Simple lock and key systems certainly still have their place in the security realm, but access control technologies, like a card reader, are much more secure in some instances. In the case of a school, it makes locking down a perimeter easy if needed. More than that though, it can be used to verify identities, manage what visitors are allowed to go where, and even set timers to control access better. Schools have thus been able to use access control technology to prevent students, family members, or intruders from being where they shouldn’t be.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems have long been a part of any school’s security arsenal, but there has been an increased push to utilize cameras in schools. It’s a great tool to keep track of who has been where. The footage could be a valuable tool as far as providing evidence that a crime was committed. They also instill a general sense of security in the entire facility and children are much less likely to do something they shouldn’t be.

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