FiberPlus can design and install CATV new systems and integrate with existing systems to accommodate your CATV requirements. Typically, a service provider will deliver a full-spectrum balanced signal to a building or facility, and then the responsibility for final distribution throughout the building or facility is left to the owner or building occupant. This is where FiberPlus can assist in the design process. In order to complete a full-spectrum balanced signal to each desired outlet location, a complex series of calculations may be required. These calculations take into account the loss in decibels throughout the entire broadcast spectrum of common passive distribution components which include coaxial cable per foot, splitters, directional couplers, multi-port taps, and equalizers. Larger systems may require various levels of amplification which require measurement tools to balance and align the system at each amplifier. A full design of your coaxial / RF distribution system should be completed prior to any cabling installation to ensure complete operability of the final system.

FiberPlus can also assist with more complex systems that include a head-end design and installation. A head-end is used to process and combine two or more video inputs into a single distribution system. Video inputs can include CATV, MATV (local antenna), satellite feeds, DVD players, IP Video, local origination content, video surveillance (CCTV) systems, etc. Typical head-end components include De-modulators, Trans-coders, Multiplexers, Processors, Channel Deletion Filters, Modulators, and Combiners.