Planning for an Integrated Audio/Video System, Part 2

integrated audio/video system

Having the right equipment installed can greatly improve communication and presentation within your company.

So, now that you have decided to install an integrated audio/video system in your office, what components will you need to have a functioning system? The conference room is the one room that is the showcase for your office and is usually where the system is installed.

What components are recommended to be installed in this system?

  1. Display screen or TV: Video conferencing and business presentations need a large shared screen to properly display your presentation. Although some of these may be expensive, 4K TVs are recommended, as they are noticeably better than their 1K counterparts. Even if you don’t use the TV to play full 4K video, it’s always better to have 4K resolution and not need it than to need 4K resolution and not have it. In mounting the TV to the wall, be sure to leave easy access to the HDMI ports at the back. However, if you use a wireless presentation solution, easy access to the HDMI ports will be unnecessary.
  2. Telephone: A good integrated audio/video system has a conference room phone that can provide clear audio, connect multiple lines at once, and provide hands-free capabilities (speakerphone and microphone included).
  3. Projector: If your meetings are usually attended by more than 20 people, a 4K TV might not be enough. You may want to consider buying a projector and converting an entire wall into a movie screen. In addition to offering a bigger image, today’s conference room projectors provide greater brightness (lumens), operate clearly in both dark and lit rooms, and are small enough to be portable.
  4. Sound:  Investing in a 4K TV or projector can be counterproductive if you don’t also invest in a decent sound system. Those stunning visuals from the 4K resolution will be a lot less impactful if you are unable to hear the message that goes along with it. It’s also important to make sure that the people you’re video conferencing with are able to hear you, so in addition to buying speakers, you may want to buy a few microphones and install them at various points along the conference room table.
  5. Wireless Presentation Solution: In today’s “bring your own device” environment, a conference room that relies on cables and wires to connect laptops to the TV or projector is simply not feasible. In order to accommodate every laptop and phone that enters the room, you will need to invest in a wireless attachment system to make your conference room user-friendly and function properly. Without this, you would need to have any number of cables to attach the devices via HDMI, VGA, HDMI to VGA.

An Integrated Audio/Video System from FiberPlus

FiberPlus has been providing data communication solutions for over 25 years in the Mid Atlantic Market for a number of different markets.. What began as a cable installation company for Local Area Networks has grown into a leading provider of innovative technology solutions improving the way our customers communicate. Our solutions now include:

  • Structured Cabling
  • Electronic Security Systems
  • Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Public Safety DAS
  • Audio/Video Services
  • Support Services
  • Specialty Systems
  • Design/Build Services

FiberPlus promises the communities in which we serve that we will continue to expand and evolve as new technology is introduced within the telecommunications industry.

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