5 Applications for Your Multimedia System

multimedia system

Multimedia systems are powerful tools, but many people don’t use them to their full potential.

Multimedia applications typically involve programming code, enhanced user interaction, and multiple different types or forms of media. There are five core categories of multimedia that can be used as part of your multimedia system.


This seems so obvious that many people forget about it. Text content is the most common type of media used throughout multimedia systems and applications. Chances are, your multimedia system uses text and at least one other type of media to have functionality. Whether your text relays information or reinforces information, it is a crucial part of any multimedia system.


Many multimedia systems include digital images as part of the application. Many applications use custom buttons or interactive elements to further customize the application. Other images can include basic digital image files like JPEGs or PNGs. These file types allow for good image quality without a large file size.


In many multimedia systems, audio provides a crucial link between text and images. In applications, many audio files automatically play. If you are using your audio on the web, the end user might need to have a plug-in media player installed to access it. Common audio formats include MP3, WMA, and RealAudio.


Another common type of media found in multimedia applications is video. Digital video can be streamed or downloaded and compressed as needed to reduce the file size. The most common file formats are Flash, MPEG, AVI, WMV, and QuickTime. Just like audio files, the end user might need a plug-in installed before they can watch the video.


Animation is a fun and common part of both online and desktop multimedia systems. Whether it means an interactive element that invites the user to engage with the application or simply a fun animation to watch, animation is a unique multimedia system element. Adobe Flash is commonly used to create animations viewable online.

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