Do You Need a Data Center or a Server Room?

data center vs. server room

It’s time to start storing your data in the cloud. The question is: do you need a data center or a server room?

It wasn’t too long ago that corporate data centers were all located on-premises. However, with innovations in cloud technology and fiber-based Internet, businesses have the option to host their information in remote data centers. How can you tell which option is best for your business?

The Benefits of an Onsite Server Room

The biggest benefit of having an on-premises server room is that you have greater control of your servers. You’re able to easily monitor your servers, make changes to your system, and make customizations to fit your business’s particular needs. If your system is unusually complicated or customized, it may be a better choice to have an onsite server room where you will have more control. However, a word to the wise: having an on-site server room will require more upfront cost for installation, and you will need to have an IT team that can handle the demands of managing a server room.

The Benefits of a Data Center

If you are a small or new business, then you may benefit from hosting your servers at a data center. There are none of the initial installation costs associated with a personal server room, although you may have to pay for setup and subscription fees. If you opt for a colocation data center, you will also have to account for the cost of providing your own hardware and software. Although these costs can be high, you’ll be investing in the peace-of-mind that comes with handing off maintenance duties to the staff at the data center, which means there will be less strain on your in-house IT staff. Because data centers have their own redundant backup systems, there’s also a lower chance of network outages, resulting in more reliable service for you and your customers.

There are many advantages and disadvantages that come hand-in-hand with both types of server hosting. Figuring out what your business needs and what’s most important for the growth of your business will help you to decide which choice is best for you!

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