Top 4 Industries at Risk of Cyber Threats

cyber threats

Make sure you are implementing proper security measures to protect your network from cyber threats.

Here at FiberPlus, we like to keep our customers informed of the best practices for maintaining their fiber networks after installation. One of the biggest risks for businesses today are cyber threats. Make sure you are caring for your fiber network by identifying your risk and taking the proper safety precautions.

The 2017 Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR) by NTT Security found that there are four industries that suffer 77% of cyber threats. These four sectors are: business & professional services (28%), government (19%), health care (15%) and retail (15%). Is your company in one of these high-risk sectors?

Phishing Attacks are Biggest Threat

The study also found that nearly three-quarters (73%) of all malware was delivered through phishing attacks. These attacks usually involve an email or pop up notification that asks for personal information. Read more about phishing attacks and how to prevent them here.

American businesses have the greatest global risk. The top three targets of phishing attacks by country are United States (41%), followed by the Netherlands (38%) and France (5%). However, the United States was also the biggest source of phishing attacks, with 63% of attacks originating in the United States, followed by 4% in the United Kingdom, and 3% in China.

Do You Have an Incident Response Plan?

Only 32% of organizations had a formal incident response plan in place in 2017. However, this number has gone up from 23% in previous years. Does your company have a formal incident response plan for cyber threats?

A good incident response plan will have a few key elements. It will be integrated across all business units, it will be up-to-date, and all employees will be briefed on what to do during an incident. To learn more about protection from cyber threats, keep checking our blog for weekly industry tips and advice!

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