5 Myths About Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

cyber attacks

Many people think of cyber attackers as sophisticated, menacing experts, when they are actually often just amateurs taking advantage of poor network security.

When there’s a large cyber attack, the knee jerk reaction is often to lay blame on sophisticated attackers, entire nation states, or criminal gangs. It may be easy to point the finger, but doing so can actually negatively impact your company’s security. Blaming the cyber attacker redirects anger from where it should be focused: on the company’s security infrastructure. And when the “sophisticated attacker” turns out to be an amateur, an unsecure company is left looking foolish (and even becoming a target for other cyber attacks). The following myths about cyber attacks are what keep companies from fortifying their security infrastructure. Make sure that you are informed and put the proper emphasis on your company’s cyber security.

Myth #1: All Cyber Attacks are Sophisticated

If you don’t invest in your cybersecurity, you’re more likely to suffer from an amateur attack than a sophisticated one. There are several reasons that amateur hackers may target a company, including:

  • Company leaders refuse to acknowledge that the company is a target and take the proper precautionary steps.
  • The company does not invest in even basic cybersecurity.
  • Cybersecurity is not updated.

Myth #2: All Cyber Attackers are Professionals

While high-profile, sophisticated cyber attacks do happen, most attacks are individuals or small groups with little experience. In fact, if you don’t have strong cybersecurity, odds are your hacker will be a bored teenager trying to learn about hacking. Your network essentially acts as a training tool for kids who want to learn hacking and have a lot of time on their hands to learn how to hack into your minimal defenses.

Myth #3: Expensive Cybersecurity is the Answer

Just spending money on security without considering anything else is not a foolproof way to ensure your company is not attacked. Before splurging on expensive cybersecurity, consider the following:

  • Do we have the basics right? Even if you have the most expensive cybersecurity, if you have one unsecured server, a hacker can find it and exploit it.
  • What are our GAPS? Be sure that you first carry out a GAP assessment and external audit to determine your strengths and weaknesses before building your cybersecurity.
  • What are our risks? Make sure that the security services and products you plan to purchase address your most relevant risks.

Myth #4: All Cyber Attacks Come from outside the Company

Did you know that most attacks require the privileges and access rights of an insider in order to succeed? Managing the privileges and access rights of your employees is key to guarding your company against malicious attacks.

Myth #5: Nothing Can Prevent a Cyber Attack

While hackers may be determined to break through even the most sophisticated cybersecurity, it doesn’t mean there’s no use in investing in cybersecurity at all. The harder your network is to hack, the more likely a potential hacker is to fail or give up. So, no cybersecurity is a guarantee against hacking, but being protected is far more advantageous than being exposed.

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