What is a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD)?

registered communications distribution designer

A registered communications distribution designer is an essential part of the team every step of the way.

Cabling distribution systems are complex. It requires a certain amount of knowledge, skill, and experience to be able to install a large cabling distribution system. This is where Registered Communications Distributions Designers come in. A Registered Communications Distributions Designer, or RCDD, can design a detailed cabling system for a new building or accommodate his or her design to an existing infrastructure. An RCDD follows a project the whole way through from its inception to its completion. A cabling project that was signed off by an RCDD has much more authority, since RCDDs are recognized worldwide for their astute knowledge and skills. In order to become an RCDD, one has to spend years studying and working, as well as pass a comprehensive exam. This is why the help of an RCDD is so important in big cabling projects.

Why are RCDDs in Such High Demand?

Anyone who wants a large cabling project to be done safely and efficiently will hire an RCDD. The average RCDD spends hundreds of hours studying the Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual in order to pass the comprehensive exam for certification. In addition to studying for the test, an RCDD must also have at least five years of ICT design experience, or an equivalent combination of experience, approved education, and industry certifications. By the time an RCDD graduates with a certification, he or she is an essential part of every stage of the building project.

  • Beginning of the project. The RCDD knows how to make a safe and intuitive cabling design for a large building. They also are able to evaluate how the cabling system will hold up over time, saving you costly changes in the future.
  • Middle of the project. The RCDD knows how to manage a project to make sure their design is installed correctly and safely. They can also make any necessary changes as different situations arise during the duration of the project.
  • End of the project. At the end of a project, an RCDD signs off to show that it was designed and installed correctly.

RCDDs are thoroughly trained to follow best practices and industry standards, which is why having an RCDD is essential on any large cabling project anywhere in the world. Additionally, an RCDD continues their education throughout their career to maintain a current working knowledge of the latest cabling technology.


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