Update Your Classroom with a Smart Board

SMART board

A SMART board makes teaching more interactive and makes learning more fun!

We all remember overhead projectors; our teachers relied on them as a tool for demonstrating a lesson. Technology has progressed so that the modern-day classroom can be equipped with so much more than an overhead projector. SMART boards are an upgraded version of the classic white board and overhead projector. Not only can you project your computer screen, you can also introduce an element of interaction to the lesson, which helps students deepen their learning. A SMART board is a surefire way to make sure that your students improve their learning and enjoy your lessons!

Here are several ways that SMART boards improve learning in the classroom:

  • Flexible Learning Experience: A SMART board allows you to show your class all kinds of different media, including photographs, web pages, maps, graphs, games, and videos. This kind of flexibility is great for all types of learners. Visual learners will benefit from the projected image, audio learners will benefit from videos and sound clips, and tactile learners will benefit from the interactive element that a SMART board provides.
  • Rapid Assessment: A SMART board is a great way to encourage the whole class to participate while also exercising each students’ tactile skills and making the lesson more fun. Students can use the SMART board to receive immediate feedback from other students as well as the teacher. This classroom participation helps to identify and address areas of slow growth on the spot as the student participates at the SMART board, is corrected, and learns how to answer the question correctly.
  • Increased Participation: So often, participation is the most difficult thing to orchestrate in a classroom. With a SMART board, students can constantly move, write, review, and explore. Allowing students to interact with an essential teaching tool also helps your students to feel included and valuable, thus increasing their interest in participating in the lesson.
  • Go Green: No more waiting in line at the copier! If you plan your lessons around your SMART board, you can ensure that your students do all of their writing on their SMART tablets. Save two valuable resources: paper and time.

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