10 Ways Video Surveillance Can Benefit Your Business

A rounded video surveillance camera

Video surveillance systems can increase safety and efficiency at your place of business.

Video surveillance in business has been proven to be an essential tool not just for ensuring the safety of your property and employees, but also for improving the efficiency of your business. Video surveillance is done by closed-circuit television, or CCTV, monitoring. CCTV cameras are a cost-effective and flexible security option every business should consider. If you are not sure whether you should install a video surveillance system, read on to understand the several benefits that this system can provide your business and property. 

What to Consider Before Selecting Video Surveillance Systems

The benefit of CCTV cameras is that they can be placed in any location of your choosing, and do not require extensive changes to your existing infrastructure. 

When selecting your system from the many that are available, consider the: 

  • Resolution
  • Angle of coverage
  • Availability of infrared 

Also, be aware of the existing surveillance laws in your state before implementing your CCTV monitoring system. 

Video Surveillance Can Prevent Theft

Placing CCTV cameras throughout your business can help to prevent acts of vandalism, break-ins, or theft. If you run a retail store, placing cameras in “hot spots” can discourage theft in your store by reminding guests that their crimes may be recorded. Even in non-retail businesses, CCTV cameras can help prevent company property theft and intellectual property theft. 

Convenient Real-time Surveillance

Traditional video surveillance used to require a business to hire an extra person to keep an eye on real-time footage while remaining on the premises. However, with new advanced technology, monitoring can be done from a remote computer, or on mobile phones and tablets. 

Can Provide Criminal Evidence

CCTV camera footage is extremely useful if a crime is committed within or around your office premises. The footage can not only help you identify a culprit, but it can act as criminal evidence in any potential legal case. 

Increased Employee Productivity

When used selectively, CCTV cameras in your business can increase employee productivity. In particular, video surveillance can help floor managers monitor activity more efficiently, which leaves them more time to focus on the more critical aspects of their work. 

Help Prevent Sexual Harassment

Installing CCTV cameras can work as a deterrent for any employees who may attempt to sexually harass another employee. This deterrent can not only help prevent sexual harassment, but if any were to occur, but the footage catches the harasser and helps support any litigation. 

Resolve Internal Disputes

Disputes between employees and managers, various employees, or employees, and you can occur in any business no matter the size. It can sometimes be challenging to understand what happened when hearing perspectives from multiple parties. However, with a video surveillance camera, you can see evidence of any wrongdoings, which can help you know how to resolve any incidents. 

Improve Customer’s Shopping Experience

Observing footage from CCTV cameras placed around retail locations can help you understand your customer’s shopping habits. It can also inform you as to how effective your product placement is and how your customers interact with it. 

Decrease Security-Related Costs 

CCTV video surveillance is much cheaper overall than hiring security officers for every strategic location. CCTV cameras are becoming increasingly smaller and more powerful, which makes these surveillance systems the ideal choice for an efficient security system. 

Monitor High-Risk Areas

If you own a factory or a facility containing dangerous chemicals or foods, you will likely have several high-risk areas that heavily limit employee access. Placing a CCTV camera in these locations removes the risk of a person having to be in the space physically and allows you real-time observation. You can also place CCTV cameras in accident-prone areas, so any incidents are immediately known. 

Total Coverage

A well-designed CCTV video surveillance infrastructure can provide your business with 100% security coverage. You no longer need to rely on a handful of employees for security, and can instead cover all areas of your property at once while removing any risk of human error. 

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