Are Biometric Access Systems Ideal for IT Security?

Biometric Access Systems

When it comes to IT security, biometric access systems may be an ideal approach.

If you’re working with sensitive data as any IT department typically does, you’re likely going to need security protocols and features that are up to par. Whether you’re talking about an entire data center or a contained server room in an office setting, preventing the wrong hands from getting their hands on your tech is a critical element of IT security. Access control systems have been rapidly deployed to deal with many of these security vulnerabilities, particularly biometric access systems which are often suitable for IT applications. Compared to the traditional option of keycards or traditional lock-and-key solutions, biometric access systems offer an entire suite of benefits worth consideration.

Closing the Gaps

In most access control systems, the credentials used for access can be divorced from the user. This means someone may lose a keycard or have their password stolen. With most traditional forms of authentication, you run the risk of someone else getting their hands on it. Biometrics such as facial scans or fingerprints are incapable of being separated from the user which lowers the chances of security breaches overall. Employees won’t ever have to fuss about where their credentials are again.

Easier Administration

Because you don’t have to keep track of those physical credentials, you also cut down on some of your security administration. No longer do you need to make duplicate cards when one is lost or take stock of who has what. Instead, you can make simple changes using the manufacturer’s software to keep your system updated and ensure that only those who are meant to have access to your IT equipment can get in there. 

Perform Audits

Biometric access systems can be installed on individual server cabinets, allowing you to have an audit trail of who accessed what and at what times. Your biometric security system will record each instance of an individual accessing either an entire server room or individual server cabinets, allowing you to better monitor who did what and when.

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