Keep Your Workplace Safe with Proper Cable Management Practices

fiberplus cable management practices

Cable ties are one of the oldest cable management practices.

Proper cable management practices result in a safer home or work environment, besides maintaining everything clean and organized. Cables can be hazardous if they are not properly managed, so it’s important to organize and position the wires adequately to ensure safety. Below are some cable management practices to keep your workplace safe.

Make Sure You Have the Correct Measurements

One of the more essential cable management practices involves measuring to confirm the exact lengths necessary to ensure you have sufficient wiring. The following allows you to run and shield cabling lengthwise along surfaces:

  • Wire looms are flexible plastic wraps with different pre-cut slits, allowing you to gather cables without tangling them quickly. These wraps protect the wiring from physical damage and environmental conditions.
  • Wire ducts allow you to organize the wiring and separate it. These ducts also protect the cabling from dust, debris, and other contaminants.
  • Surface raceways direct electric cabling through an enclosed conduit along a surface to protect wiring against physical damage.
  • Lastly, the conduit fully encloses wires to protect them from different elements that can damage them. They come in metallic, flexible, non-metallic, and inflexible varieties.

Avoid Overfilling the Cables

It’s also critical to remember not to overfill many cables into a wire loom or other cabling protectors. Overstuffing power cables damage insulation, signal leakage, overheating, and fire risks. Make sure to measure the diameter of the wires you’re connecting and use sleeving with a larger diameter. You can also use tray systems to direct power or data cables under the floor.

Prevent Entanglement and Tighten the Cable Ties

Preventing entanglement is one of the cable management practices you should complete to create a safer work environment and avoid potential incidents of electrocution or strangulation. In addition, adhesive wire clips permit you an affordable way to direct wiring around door frames and furniture. Plus, containers with excess cablings, such as Cable Turtles, maintain extra unreachable lengths.

Furthermore, cable ties are one of the oldest cable management practices. They’re also inexpensive and simple to use. Simultaneously, you want to maintain wiring fastened together but not too tight. Additionally, you can use cable ties that stop automatically once they arrive at the ideal tension.

Don’t Neglect Labeling

Lastly, don’t forget to label which wires go where. Labeling allows you to troubleshoot and keep cabling while letting you reconnect them more easily. Multiple label printers can track what each wire does and where it must lead.

Ultimately, all these cable management practices help keep a neat and organized workplace while protecting the wiring from wear and tear. Remember not to bend your cables too much even though they have a certain amount of flexibility!

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FiberPlus has been providing data communication solutions for over 25 years in the Mid-Atlantic Region for a number of different markets. What began as a cable installation company for Local Area Networks has grown into a leading provider of innovative technology solutions improving the way our customers communicate and keeping them secure. Our solutions now include:

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