5 Access Control Systems That Can Increase School Security

an electronic access control lock to increase school security

Electronic access control locks are helping to increase school security throughout America.

Schools are valuable institutions that contain many students, faculty, and guests every day. Security is a top priority for schools, so students and staff can learn and teach in a comfortable, supportive environment. For students and faculty to feel safe, while not surrounded by imposing high-security features, you need to find a balance between safety and subtlety. Access control systems provide the perfect balance that will keep schools welcoming while ensuring diligent protection. The following list includes the various access control systems that can be implemented in schools to provide stellar security. 

Installing Door Barricade Solutions to Increase School Security 

Lockdown door barricade systems can prevent access to specific areas of a building, or the entire facility, during emergencies. This “lockdown” can be achieved by pressing a single button, which transmits a signal to all other locks in the access control system. This system can help delay or prevent intrusion when the external locks are deployed and give staff enough time to call for help. 

Site-wide lockdown capability is becoming increasingly popular in access control systems. That is because locking systems can provide for a safe area when there is an unauthorized person or active shooter in the building.  This gives the staff the ability to lock down areas of safe shelter in place.

Electronic Access Control Locks

Physical keys can be easily duplicated, difficult to track, and experience wear. Installing a smart electronic door lock can increase school security by checking an individual’s identity and authorization in the school’s database before allowing access. This system can also record the specific times at which people access the school. This kind of control system encompasses the following: 

  • Keypads
  • Proximity cards
  • Coded swipe cards
  • Biometric devices
  • Wireless electronic locks

Video Surveillance System Integration

Integrating access control systems with video surveillance can increase school security by monitoring entry points and providing visual records of who exits and enters the building. Most of these systems can be monitored and managed remotely with a web browser. 

Visitor Management Systems

Visitor management, when merged with access control, can determine who is authorized to enter the building, where they can go, and document entry times and destinations. The system should have a quick pin, barcode, or proximity card reader for regular visitors like parents for a faster visitor sign-in process. 

Security Turnstiles

Turnstiles help to increase school security by allowing access to only one person at a time, and only to those who have the correct credentials. Security turnstiles require an ID card, key fob, or something similar to be scanned before unlocking and allowing secure entry. 

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