The Hazards of Disparate Wireless Cabling Infrastructure

hazards wireless cabling infrastructure

There are certain hazards involved with trying to integrate different wireless cabling infrastructures.

Our last post covered the best types of wireless cabling infrastructure for different types of wireless networks. Many of these different wireless networks share the same wireless cabling infrastructure. It may be tempting to integrate two different wireless solutions, such as your mobile wireless network and your data network, into a single network with a common wireless cabling infrastructure, like Category 6/6A or fiber. However, there are a few problems with this kind of integration:

Varied Antenna Placements

If you are attempting to integrate your WiFi, DAS, or small cell networks, then you may notice that each network has its own unique placement map for access points. This affects antenna placement. For example, a typical WiFi system may have access points incorporated into a grid with cells that are 18 meters wide, while the access points of a high-powered DAS might have antennas up to 200 meters wide. Thus, it is impossible to integrate these two different systems, due to the disparate antenna placements.

Disparate Protocols

Different types of wireless systems run with different protocols. For example, DAS utilizes digitized RF, legacy WiFi relies on CSMA/CA protocol, and small cells use IP/Ethernet packet data. It is possible to run different protocols at the same time, but it is difficult and likely not worth the extra effort.

Enterprise Cabling Requirements

Network managers consider several different factors when choosing the type of wireless cabling infrastructure to deploy for their facility. While it may seem like a good solution to integrate two different networks over the same cabling infrastructure, the network manager may see other problems with this type of integration, such as the cost and longevity of the cabling type or the network manager’s familiarity with the cabling type.

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