Why Retailers Should Unify POS with Surveillance

POS and video surveillance

You can provide a better customer service experience with unified POS and surveillance.

If you own a retail store, there are two words you probably think about often: loss prevention.

Loss prevention is important for retail stores to ensure that they are not losing money to mistakes or employee theft. Connecting your surveillance system to your POS is a great way to unify two systems that are already highly effective at minimizing loss.

Exception Reports

Many POS systems generate exception reports, which help to identify suspicious activity. These reports can help to indicate the people or processes who may be contributing to loss. Viewing video footage of times when suspicious activity occurred can help to solve the mystery of increased losses. However, sifting through all that footage can be tedious and time-consuming.

This is where synchronization comes in. There are several different ways to synchronize your video and POS data. Some synchronization processes include timing features and a transcript of POS data next to the video footage. This popular feature has been helping employers to easily and successfully prevent losses for many years.

A Customer Service Tool

Aside from loss prevention, you can also use unified POS and surveillance to provide a better customer service experience! You can easily check for items left behind after a transaction, finding a stolen credit card, and correcting scanning errors. If a customer returns to the store claiming that they were overcharged, you can easily look into the data collected by the POS and surveillance system to see who overcharged them and by how much. Providing an improved customer service experience is a great way to boost your profit!

Unified Surveillance from FiberPlus

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