Symmetrical Bandwidth and How Fiber-Optic Connections Support It

symmetrical bandwidth benefits

Symmetrical bandwidth is possible with fiber-optic connections. Learn how it can improve your Internet experience.

When selecting an Internet Service Provider, you will want to know what the download speeds are. Often, ISPs will provide what is known as asymmetrical bandwidth, in which the download speed is faster than the upload speed. This difference can have a significant impact on your overall connection performance, and if you have asymmetrical bandwidth for a business network, this can slow down performance and efficiency. Fiber-optic connections are more likely to offer symmetrical bandwidth, which benefits businesses and workers greatly. Read on to learn exactly why symmetrical bandwidth is so beneficial, and how businesses can benefit from it. 

The Benefits of Symmetrical Bandwidth

An Internet with fiber-optic connections enables equally fast download and upload speeds, and can benefit you in a few significant ways: 

  • No Internet Bottleneck. If you experience slow uploads or dropped calls, this may be because there is a lack of available bandwidth in high traffic periods. Symmetrical bandwidth will ensure that your uploads speeds are not strained due to high-use. 
  • Faster and Larger File Uploads. Uploading files to the Cloud, Dropbox, or shared Drives can be an arduous task if the files are large. But, with symmetrical speeds, you can upload fast and move on to your next task. 
  • Accessible Cloud Services. More companies are moving to cloud services for flexibility and easy sharing, but a cloud you can’t reach is no good. Reliable cloud access depends on high upload speeds, so symmetrical bandwidth will guarantee that your cloud services are available. 

When Symmetrical Bandwidth is Best for Your Business

If your business has an older copper network that provides asymmetrical download and upload speeds, making the switch to symmetrical bandwidth powered by fiber-optic connections may benefit you greatly. If your business has these traits, you should consider making the switch:

  • Your business is midsize or large with many employees
  • Employees are heavy users of collaboration tools
  • You are moving, or are already using, applications and services to the cloud. This includes Google Drive, Office 365, Salesforce, and more.
  • You are part of a team that is distributed across a large geographic area.
  • Productivity bottlenecks are appearing
  • You are scaling up your operations and need to prepare extra capacity for growth

If any of these benefits sound like they could boost your productivity significantly, it is likely time to invest in fiber-optic connections that give you the high-speed symmetrical bandwidth you require. 

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