The Importance of Structured Cabling for Your Telework Needs

FiberPlus structured cabling for telework

Structured cabling can help manage your telework needs.

With more and more people working from home in the last two years, the need for reliable cabling has become increasingly important. In fact, as people rely on the Internet and Wi-Fi more than ever before, having structural cabling is a real necessity for businesses and employees alike. There are so many different reasons why having structured cabling is integral to the success of telework. Ultimately, knowing how structural cabling works can help provide some insight into its importance. Here are a few of the key reasons structured cabling is a critical component of successfully working remotely.

Understanding Structured Cabling

At the most basic level, structured cabling is also known as building or campus telecommunications cabling. This cabling provides necessary infrastructure typically composed of several standard components, including patch panels and multi-fiber custom-length trunk cables. It is these cables that provide the necessary infrastructure to lead companies into the future — by providing companies with the ultimate ability to easily move around without catering to their Internet connections. Ultimately, maximizing your system’s availability is becoming increasingly important as businesses continue to allow employees to work remotely and are even beginning to shift the modern workforce and what it looks like moving forward.

The True Importance Of Having Structured Cabling Now

These days, the reliance on the Internet and business systems is increasingly necessary for people to access their work and get their jobs done effectively and efficiently. In fact, networks and data centers are now being relied upon a lot more than ever before. The reality is, adding capacity to a fiber network becomes increasingly necessary as companies continue to grow — even remotely. Ultimately, technology will continue to change and evolve with the items which require that businesses catch up to these changing technologies and get their companies up-to-date. 

Get in Touch with FiberPlus

FiberPlus has been providing data communication solutions for over 25 years in the Mid Atlantic Region for a number of different markets. What began as a cable installation company for Local Area Networks has grown into a leading provider of innovative technology solutions improving the way our customers communicate and keeping them secure. Our solutions now include:

  • Structured Cabling (Fiberoptic, Copper and Coax for inside and outside plant networks)
  • Electronic Security Systems (Access Control & CCTV Solutions)
  • Wireless Access Point installations
  • Public Safety DAS – Emergency Call Stations
  • Audio/Video Services (Intercoms and Display Monitors)
  • Support Services
  • Specialty Systems
  • Design/Build Services
  • UL2050 Certifications and installations for Secure Spaces

FiberPlus promises the communities in which we serve that we will continue to expand and evolve as new technology is introduced within the telecommunications industry.

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