How to Create an Intelligent Building

Employees inside an intelligent building

An intelligent building is designed to make staff operations more efficient.

Have you heard of an “intelligent building”? To put it simply, an intelligent building is a facility that is specially designed to be safer and more productive to its occupants. This often makes the building cost less to operate and streamlines work processes. How is all this done? Let’s take a look at the individual parts that make up an intelligent building.

Operations Efficiency

If you want to maximize your work efficiency, then you want your building to work in tandem with your employees. Here are a few things you can equip a facility with that maximize productivity:

  • Wi-Fi: If you have employees who use Internet-connected devices, such as computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, throughout your building, then your employees can stay connected to the Internet wherever they are inside the facility. If you want to ensure that you don’t have any breaks in your Internet connection or dark areas within the facility, then it’s a good idea to invest in a Distributed Antenna System.
  • VOIP: Companies that use their telephones often, whether it’s for customer service or conference calls with business associates, can benefit from installed a VOIP system. This type of phone system has several benefits: employees have their own profiles that they can access from any hardwired internet connection, the VOIP system can have features like phone and video conferencing and an automated answering service, and the system can easily be expanded as your company grows without having to build in new phone lines.
  • Structured Cabling: Structured cabling is easy to use, highly organized, has a high bandwidth, and allows for flexibility when an employee wants to change locations within the office.


Employee efficiency is important for a successful company. If your facility houses expensive equipment or sensitive information, then security is also a high priority. These security measures are essential in an intelligent building:

  • Access Control: Door access control makes it easy to allow only authorized personnel inside the facility. You can even have access control points stationed throughout the facility, so only higher-level employees will be able to access sensitive areas.
  • Intrusion Detection: An intrusion detection system from FiberPlus integrates all of your security features into one streamlined system. So, for example, if an alarm goes off at your facility, you’ll be able to remotely log into your CCTV cameras to check the site.

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