Biometric Access Control: Security Solutions from the Front Door to the Server Cabinets

person using biometric access control keypad

A combination of fingerprint, RFID card, and keypad keep your server cabinets extra secure.

When it comes to protecting sensitive electronic equipment, no amount of security is too much. This is why FiberPlus now offers biometric access control, which protects your assets from the front door of your facility right down to individual server cabinets. Whether you need to protect data racks in your data center or you need to secure a LAN or Network closet in a school or hospital, biometric access control provides just the right amount of added security. This added security is especially useful for companies that have a structured hierarchy of access to specific rooms and equipment. For example, you can allow only staff member to enter your facility with door access control and allow only a few qualified individuals access to the server cabinets within the facility. This makes controlling who has access to specific equipment easy to manage.

Your Biometric Access Control Options

There are several access control options to suit your particular needs. Whether you have several rows of server cabinets to secure or just want to protect electronic equipment in individual cabinets, there’s a biometric access control option that will answer your needs.

  • Bus: This option protects up to 32 server cabinets at a time. If you never need to unlock individual cabinets, the bus access control will save you time. This access control option is IP based, with a single IP address for all 32 cabinets. You can choose to authenticate at the cabinet or at end-of-row. Locking options include fingerprint, RFID card, and keypad.
  • Sentry: If you have fewer server cabinets and are looking for an option to unlock individual cabinets at a time, sentry unit is your best option. This access control system involves one unit per cabinet and is also IP-based. You can authenticate at the cabinet using fingerprint or an RFID card.
  • Weigand locks: This access control system includes two options: MultiCardLock and DualLock. The MultiCardLock works with all card formats and integrates directly into your access control system. The DualLock uses fingerprint information stored on RFID cards and also integrates directly with your access control system.

Biometric Access Control from FiberPlus

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