7 Ways Fiber Optic Internet Is Better

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Discover what makes fast fiber optic Internet so beneficial to businesses and individuals.

What’s so fantastic about fiber optic Internet? It’s become the golden standard because of its fast, high-quality data transmission for businesses and facilities. Fiber optic Internet has existed for only a little over twenty years, yet it has distinct advantages compared to traditional connectivity options. Let’s take a look at the ways fiber optic Internet is better. 

Fiber Optic Internet has Better Bandwidth 

Fiber relies on light versus electricity to transmit data, facilitating much faster connections capable of handling higher bandwidth. Copper wire infrastructures don’t go the distance and aren’t as secure. The transmission of voice calls was copper cable’s original intended use when the bandwidth wasn’t a high commodity. 

Fiber Allows for Faster Upload/Download Speed

Once you switch to fiber optic Internet, you will notice faster download and upload speeds. Fiber optics can transmit data at 1 gigabit per second, much faster than broadband service (25 Mbps uploads and 3 Mbps for downloads). Another perspective is that some downloads that take as long as 22 minutes would take 8 seconds with fiber optics. 

Fiber Optic Internet Travels the Distance 

Fiber is perfect for long-haul networks and benefits cellphone towers, even in remote areas. A signal on a fiber optic cable can travel up to 60 miles on a single-mode cable. 

Addresses Cybersecurity Concerns 

Cybersecurity is a concern for millions of business owners. Fiber optic cables are a cost-effective way to increase your Internet security instantly. It is possible to intercept copper cables by connecting taps to a line to pick up the electronic signals. However, it’s incredibly challenging to do the same with fiber optics. Fiber optics also makes it simple to quickly identify compromised cables, which visibly emit light from transmissions. 

Less Susceptible to Environmental Factors

Fiber is immune to the environmental factors that would affect copper, making it super reliable. Since a fiber optic cable’s core consists of glass, a natural insulator, no electric flow can go through it. Fiber is also less sensitive to temperature fluctuation. You can even submerge a fiber optic cable into water. 

Fiber Optic Cables are Smaller 

Why does this matter? When it comes to copper, the Internet’s speed directly correlates to the weight of the cable. More cable is necessary for a business to achieve high speeds, taking up more space in a business’ telecommunication room. Since fiber does not correlate with size, it’s much lighter than copper wires. Therefore, you won’t have to use as much space in smaller rooms. 


Fiber optics are more expensive than copper wires. However, fiber optics is worth the investment. It’s cheaper to maintain, more durable, and doesn’t require the same amount of hardware as copper. 

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