Three Fiber Optic Cable Misconceptions

fiber optic cable misconceptions

Discover how these three common fiber optic cable misconceptions have been proven wrong.

Perhaps because of their fine glass construction, or their impressive ability to transmit data at lightning speeds, there are often many misconceptions about the durability of fiber optic cables. It can be difficult to believe that these seemingly delicate cables can really do all that they do. However, fiber optic cables are more durable and safer than you may think. If you have let the following misconceptions dissuade you from installing a fiber-optic network, read on to learn how these fiber optic cable misconceptions have been proven wrong. 

Fiber Optic Cables Are Fragile

Naturally, prominent fiber optic cable misconceptions refer to their construction. How can glass strands be so strong? When combined with the cable’s coating, these strands of glass are well-protected and quite durable. Fiber cables have a higher pull tension compared to other cables and can hold up very well to extreme environmental conditions. Newer models can even bend quite easily without causing damage. 

Fiber Optic Cables Are Dangerous

While some people may fear that the glass strands pose a risk, fiber optic cables are actually safer than copper cabling because they do not conduct electricity. Installers must take the usual precautions while installing the cable network, but once fiber cables are installed the risks are minimal. Fiber optic cables transmit data through light rather than electricity, which means these cables are not susceptible to risky electromagnetic interference.

Fiber Optic Cables are Expensive 

Fiber optic cables may have initially been notably more expensive than copper cables, but over time as manufacturing processes have become more streamlined, which has lowered the cost. Additionally, fiber optic cables require less equipment and power than copper cables. They are also more “future proof” and can handle upgrades for years to come without extensive reinstallations or updates. 

Ultimately, fiber optic cables are becoming relatively commonplace. As network users realize the benefits of fiber optic cables offer, and the minimal risks associated with them, there will be fewer misconceptions about these beneficial cables. 

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