Ask FiberPlus: What is Dark Fiber?

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Many companies are turning to a dark fiber network to save costs while latency, bandwidth, and financial demands increase.

As we enter the age of demanding data applications, the Internet of Things (IoT), the load on any IT network is increasing. Many companies are turning to a dark fiber network to save costs while latency, bandwidth, and financial demands increase. Keep reading to learn more about what dark fiber is.

What is Dark Fiber?

Dark fiber is a pre-existing underground infrastructure that doesn’t have the software or hardware that enables it to operate services. They are the remaining unused fibers laying in wait while fiber optic cables actively send data through the lit light wavelengths. So, what are the advantages of businesses having dark fiber?


There are many benefits linked to a dark fiber strategy due to its flexibility. It can be broken down into many wavelengths via a process known as wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM). In addition, businesses with minor needs can get by just leading a single wavelength, while significant businesses can lease a whole fiber strand. Also, dark fiber can accommodate the immediate needs of today’s companies.

Predictable Cost Structures for Boosting Bandwidth

Dark fiber also boasts an excellent cost structure for higher bandwidth needs in comparison to conventional Internet Service Provider (ISP) payment approaches. They typically charge by data usage, meaning if you utilize more, you pay more. Additionally, suppose a company expects more growth in the future. In that case, the dark fiber’s fixed payment with unlimited growth capacity will be a better option for significant or expanding businesses than the cost of traditional commercial service.

Optimal Performance

This underground infrastructure also displays remarkable ability regarding speed. Conventional commercial internet services were designed with many stops between Point A and point B because each visit enables the provider to monetize their services. However, enterprises can ensure they receive the most direct and efficient path from end-to-end when they select dark fiber. Moreover, dark fiber provides private networking; businesses can quickly identify and repair problems without waiting for ISPs to solve the roadblocks.

Increases Data Security

Lastly, companies can increase their data security with dark fiber’s physically private networks. Fortunately, these businesses can manage the hardware on-site and lease their dedicated wavelength or fiber. Call FiberPlus for more information regarding fiber network installations!

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