5 Advantages Fiber Optic Connectivity Brings to Health Care

fiber optic connectivity in health care

Fiber optic connectivity is a crucial tool for healthcare professionals and their patients.

Along with most other industries, the healthcare industry is undergoing a digital transformation. This transformation will speed up during the coronavirus pandemic, which sees most health care providers exploring or expanding on their use of telehealth communications. Fiber optic connectivity is what can help move information quickly and safely, as well as transmit and store the complex images required to make diagnoses. High-speed fiber-optic networks ensure that medical institutions can transmit healthcare data efficiently and securely, which creates much more flexibility and communication possibilities for health care providers and their patients. Read on for five significant advantages that fiber optic connectivity will continue to bring to health care across the globe. 

Improved Patient Access

Not all patients have equal or easy access to health care. For instance, those who reside in rural areas away from large hospitals or specialists, and those who are disabled or lack transportation are put in a difficult position when they require medical attention. Fiber-optic connectivity can help make it possible for these patients to schedule web consultations with doctors, regardless of location. Web video enables doctors to see visual symptoms, and high-speed networks allow patients and doctors to confer in real-time.

Collaboration Between Medical Team Members

The many medical members sometimes required for treatment cannot always be in the same place at the same time. For instance, when a patient is hospitalized, a doctor may need to consult with their primary care physician or a specialist. With high-speed fiber-optic connectivity, these health care providers can communicate with one another in an instant.

Better Emergency Care

First responders may need to act quickly at the scene of an emergency accident or health incident. For instance, the DOT Telemedicine Backpack enables paramedics to gather information and make diagnoses on the field. Fiber optic connectivity allows data from the backpack’s tools to be sent for analysis in seconds, enabling quick diagnosis and treatment. 

Real-Time Patient Monitoring

For patients with chronic health conditions, having access to current and accurate data on their vital health signs is crucial for survival. For instance, people with diabetes need to monitor their blood-sugar levels, and patients with hypertension or heart failure must keep track of their heart rate and blood pressure. Wearable monitors can capture this information, but they also require high-speed connectivity to make this information immediately available to health care providers, so immediate alerts can be sent if any issues arise. 

Secure Data Transmission 

While the digitization of health care provides many benefits, it also makes patient information more vulnerable to hackers. However, fiber optics offer secure and reliable connectivity for all health care providers. Fiber optic cables are more challenging to hack than copper cables, and they are also impervious to water, electrical interference, and extreme pressure. Using a fiber-optic network means you can rest easy by knowing that your institution’s information is at much less risk for being stolen, lost, or compromised. 

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