How Have Library Data and Security Solutions Changed?


The library might be changing in what it offers to the public and so too does its security needs.

Thanks to new technologies, better facilities, and new programs, many libraries are flourishing and doing quite well, a fact that has shocked some library naysayers. Nonetheless, all of these positive changes are causing new security issues to emerge and are creating difficulties that library staff must overcome. The good news is, there are also plenty of security solutions out there to aid in keeping libraries safe and secure.

The New Community Data Center

Libraries today have evolved to become community data centers, with computer access, WiFi and Internet Service Provider access for those who are on the run, mobile or do not have those capabilities at home.  Equipping these libraries with fiber optic cabling, pumping up the bandwidth for all forms of data speeds are an attractive addition today to the modern library.  Your library card can now become your new internet access!

CCTV Systems

Commercial grade CCTV systems are very suitable for public libraries. They offer staff an opportunity to collect recordings of any areas that may be at risk, all while keeping those recordings easily accessible and usable by staff. With the right CCTV system in hand, libraries are able to customize their security approach and develop a system that works for them.

Video Badging and Access Control

If you already have a CCTV system in place, you can take advantage of video badging as a means of access control. If your library has certain areas that patrons should not be allowed to enter, video badging can be an effective means of preventing anyone without the proper credentials from entering. In addition, these systems often capture the badge-holders facial image which can then be used for reference later on.

Get in Touch with FiberPlus

FiberPlus has been providing data communication solutions for over 25 years in the Mid Atlantic Region for a number of different markets. What began as a cable installation company for Local Area Networks has grown into a leading provider of innovative technology solutions improving the way our customers communicate and keeping them secure. Our solutions now include:

  •     Structured Cabling (inside and outside plant)
  •     Electronic Security Systems (Access Control & CCTV Solutions)
  •     Distributed Antenna Systems
  •     Public Safety DAS
  •     Audio/Video Services (Intercoms and Display Monitors)
  •     Support Services
  •     Specialty Systems
  •     Design/Build Services

FiberPlus promises the communities in which we serve that we will continue to expand and evolve as new technology is introduced within the telecommunications industry.

Have any questions? Interested in one of our services? Call FiberPlus today 800-394-3301, email us at, or visit our contact page.  Our offices are located in the Washington, DC metro area, Richmond, VA, and Columbus, OH.  In Pennsylvania, please call Pennsylvania Networks, Inc. at 814-259-3999.

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