Fiber Optic Cable Networks and 5G Wireless

fiber optic cable networks

Fiber optic cable networks combined with 5G wireless is the surefire way to increase your internet speed.

For businesses looking to get a dramatic increase in their internet connectivity, fiber optic cable networks combined with 5G wireless is the surefire way to increase your internet speed. As our devices and data demands have continued to surge throughout the years, advances in technology have resulted in faster internet connections available than ever before. FiberPlus can help propel your business towards the future with our fiber optic cabling networks that will go hand-in-hand with boosting 5G wireless. 

What is 5G Wireless Technology?

5G wireless technology isn’t difficult to understand. As the fifth generation of mobile networks with its predecessors being 4G, 3G, and so on — it is the latest mobile network that ensures high-speed connectivity for users. With a higher performance rate, 5G technology can propel users towards a mobile experience that is highly responsive and reactive towards user’s needs. The result? High-speed, wireless internet across all of your mobile devices.

Why 5G Needs Fiber Optic Cable Networks

As 5G continues to flourish and provide high-speed internet access across the globe, wireless carriers will want to consider implementing fiber optic cable networks to increase their connectivity rates. Fiber optic cable networks can be integrated through underground or aerial installations and increase network data capacity for users of 5G mobile networks.

How Are Fiber Networks Beneficial to 5G?

Fiber optic networks can transmit data at a high speed using light to convey data information. When combined with a 5G network, connection speeds can be increased for numerous mobile devices simultaneously. Fiber optic networks and 5G aren’t in competition with one another; instead, they work to provide fast internet speeds to users. Since fiber-optic network speeds can help increase the reliability of 5G wireless, you’ll want to consider implementing a fiber-optic network installation. Contact FiberPlus today for more information!

Get in Touch with FiberPlus

FiberPlus has been providing data communication solutions for over 25 years in the Mid Atlantic Region for a number of different markets. What began as a cable installation company for Local Area Networks has grown into a leading provider of innovative technology solutions improving the way our customers communicate and keeping them secure. Our solutions now include:

  • Structured Cabling (Fiberoptic, Copper and Coax for inside and outside plant networks)
  • Electronic Security Systems (Access Control & CCTV Solutions)
  • Wireless Access Point installations
  • Public Safety DAS – Emergency Call Stations
  • Audio/Video Services (Intercoms and Display Monitors)
  • Support Services
  • Specialty Systems
  • Design/Build Services
  • UL2050 Certifications and installations for Secure Spaces

FiberPlus promises the communities in which we serve that we will continue to expand and evolve as new technology is introduced within the telecommunications industry.

Have any questions? Interested in one of our services? Call FiberPlus today 800-394-3301, email us at, or visit our contact page.  Our offices are located in the Washington, DC metro area, Richmond, VA, and Columbus, OH.  In Pennsylvania, please call Pennsylvania Networks, Inc. at 814-259-3999.

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