Data Center Monitoring: 4 Trends to Watch For

Data Center

The way we monitor data centers is changing rapidly, but how?

As technology continues to develop, so too does the way we monitor data centers. Particularly in the past several years, we’ve seen massive changes. It’s typical for a data center’s power and cooling infrastructure monitoring to be able to handle around 3 times as many data points as they could 10 years ago. Automated monitoring has moved to the forefront as we don’t have the human resources to operate everything, but these kinds of monitoring are no longer an afterthought. These are four trends that are dominating the data center monitoring world.

Embedded Sensing Devices

There has been a massive increase in the number of devices embedded in data center power and cooling equipment. Part of this is due to the huge drop in prices of these sensors. Don’t worry though, that price drop doesn’t equate to a reduction in performance: they’re better than ever. These sensors are now able to record performance data at a more granular level, shortening the time you have to wait to recoup your initial costs.

Using Mobile Devices

We are now able to rely on mobile devices which allow us to move freely without being disconnected from systems. This allows us to identify and address any changes before downtime occurs while still being afforded more mobility. It also allows for faster response times in some instances, which is why utilizing mobile devices has become so popular.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can allow for digital remote monitoring services which is a big boost to efficiency. It can also be combined with IT services like predictive analytics and machine learning, which increases the value of your data center monitoring by a staggering amount.

Efficient Automation

Trying to do more with less? Automated digital remote monitoring makes it easy. Gone are the days where a technician would need to physically inspect each rack to determine if the temperatures were too high or other conditions were somehow off. Automation means you can do more work without having to have the staff for it.

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